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Earth Rated Compostable Dog Waste Bags

The scoop on picking up dog poop

Picking up dog poo is no one's favorite part of pup parenting, but it has to be done. Keeping poo from spoiling our beaches, waterways and neighborhoods is just the price of pet ownership. It's also a great way to keep tabs on your dogs' health.

While you're doing your duty picking his, um, doody, be sure to take a brief look at it. Changes in the color, consistency, or, ahem, content of the poo might be your only way to tell if your dog isn't healthy. You don't have to rush to the vet after one or two episodes of loose stools, but significant changes in color or remnants of strange stuff coming out may mean you need to more closely monitor what your dog is eating. If the poo is really firm, make sure your dog is getting enough water. And if there is red or black discharge, that might be blood. If the changes persist, you may need to call the vet.

We're proud to sell only biodegradable waste bags at Lulu's Paw Boutique, but today we added a new option from one of our favorite companies.
Earth-rated makes great biodegradable bags that are thick and roomy enough to shield your hands. Our favorite is the lavender-scented bag that gives off just enough scent to make poo patrol less stinky.

Now, Earth Rated has added a vegetable-based compostable dog waste bag to their product line and we're proud to offer them to our planet-concious customers.