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How to help your dog on the Fourth of July

Jack loves America and he loves a good 4th of July picnic. But fireworks? No thanks. Is your pup nervous around fireworks?

Here are some suggestions that may help:

1) If your dog hides, let him. Don't try to coax him out of a comfortable spot, or try to hold him still if he wants to make a dash for under the bed, or couch.

2) Give her extra excise during the day, so she'll be tired and more calm during the fireworks.

3) Feed him early, before the sun goes down. Dogs often don't want to eat when they're afraid.

4) Provide plenty of water. Panting is a stress response in dogs and can lead them to get dehydrated.

5) Make sure your dog's ID tags have up to date contact info on them. Leave your dog's collar and ID tags on, even if she's inside. If she's outside, keep her on a leash, even if she's used to going free. Shelters fill up on Fourth of July with dogs who bolt when they get spooked by the fireworks and then can't find their way home.